Model Detail - Xserve G5 2.0GHz Dual Cluster Node (PCI-X) (2004)

The model Xserve G5 2.0 Dual Processor Cluster Node (G5 Cluster Node) runs dual 2.0GHz PowerPC 970fx "G5" processors each with "Velocity Engine" vector processing.The base configuration has 512MB DDR-400 (PC3200) EEC SDRAM installed in the form of 2 256MB DIMMs, a 7200 RPM 80GB SATA hard drive all built in a rack mount 1U case. These Cluster units have no optical drives or graphics cards and are designed to be clustered for mass computing and controlled by one G5 Xserve head unitPorts and communication come via 2 dual Gigabit Ethernet ports, USB 2.0, Firewire 800, 2 PCI-X slots.

Download the manual from here.

Learn how to install Extra RAM here.

Processor Speed 2.0GHz
First Build Date 1/6/2004
Last Build Date 1/4/2005
Built-in Display
Model Identifier RackMac3,1
Apple Order Number ML/9215A
Apple Model Number N/A (EMC N/A)
Form Factor Xserve Cluster Node
Apple Subfamily Xserve G5
Standard RAM
Maximum RAM
RAM Slots8
RAM SpecsPC3200 DDR-400 EEC
RAM Speed400MHz
Standard Storage Drive
80GB (7200 RPM)
Maximum Storage Drive
4TB* X3
Storage Drive Interface Serial ATA (SATA)
Processor Type PowerPC 970fx (G5) x2
Processors / Cores 2
Geekbench Rating N/A
Turbo Boost Speed N/A
Custom Speeds 2
Architecture 1620/1943
Processor Upgradeable N/A
FPU Integrated
Integrated System RAM None
Standard RAM 1GB
Maximum RAM 8GB
RAM Slots 8
RAM Specs PC3200 DDR-400 EEC
RAM Speed 400MHz
System Bus Speed 1GHz
Cache Bus Speed 2.0GHz (Built-in)
ROM / Firmware Type Open Firmware
EFI Architecture 1MB
L1 Cache 32k/64k
L2 / L3 Cache 512k (on chip)
Video Card None
VRAM Type None
Standard VRAM None
Maximum VRAM None
Native Resolution N/A
Multi Display Support None
Multi Display Max Resolution N/A
Standard Storage Drive 80GB (7200 RPM)
Maximum Storage Drive 4TB* X3
Storage Drive Interface Serial ATA (SATA)
Optical Disk None
Floppy / Zip Drive None
AirPort None
Bluetooth None
Video / Multi-IO None
Thunderbolt Ports / Spec None
USB Ports / Spec 2 (2.0)
Firewire Ports / Spec 1 (400), 2 (800)
Ethernet (RJ-45) Gigabit (x2)
Modem (RJ-11) None
Headphone None
Microphone None
Audio In None
Audio Out None
Keyboard None
Mouse / Trackpad None
Expansion Slots 2 PCI-X
Expansion Bays 1 3.5
S-Video Input None
S-Video Output None
Floppy None
ADB None
Serial 1 (DB-9)
Geoport None
Pre-Installed MacOS X Server 10.3
Maximum MacOS X Server 10.5.8
MacOS 9 Support None
Windows Support N/A
Minimum Windows None
Maximum Windows None
Battery Type N/A
Battery Life N/A
Power Adapter N/A
Case Type Rack-Mountable
Dimensions 1.73 x 17.6 x 28.0
Weight 33.0 lbs. (15.1 kg)
Original Price USD US$2999
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