Model Detail - Xserve G5 2.0GHz Dual (PCI-X) (2004)

The model Xserve G5 2.0 Dual Processor (G5 Dual) runs dual 2.0GHz PowerPC 970fx "G5" processors each with "Velocity Engine" vector processing.The base configuration has no video card, 1GB DDR-400 (PC3200) EEC SDRAM installed in the form of a pair of 256MB DIMMs, a 7200 RPM 80GB SATA hard drive, a 24X CD-ROM drive or optional DVD-ROM/CD-RW "Combo" drive all built in a rack mount 1U case.Ports and communication come via 2 dual Gigabit Ethernet ports, USB 2.0, Firewire 800, 2 PCI-X slots.

Download the manual from here.

Learn how to install Extra RAM here.

Processor Speed 2.0GHz
First Build Date 1/6/2004
Last Build Date 1/4/2005
Built-in Display
Model Identifier RackMac3,1
Apple Order Number ML/9217A
Apple Model Number A1068 (EMC 1994)
Form Factor Xserve G5
Apple Subfamily Xserve G5
Standard RAM
Maximum RAM
RAM Slots8
RAM SpecsPC3200 DDR-400 EEC
RAM Speed400MHz
Standard Storage Drive
80GB (7200 RPM)
Maximum Storage Drive
4TB* X3
Storage Drive Interface Serial ATA (SATA)
Processor Type PowerPC 970fx (G5) x2
Processors / Cores 2
Geekbench Rating N/A
Turbo Boost Speed N/A
Custom Speeds 2
Architecture 1620/1943
Processor Upgradeable N/A
FPU Integrated
Integrated System RAM None
Standard RAM 1GB
Maximum RAM 8GB
RAM Slots 8
RAM Specs PC3200 DDR-400 EEC
RAM Speed 400MHz
System Bus Speed 1GHz
Cache Bus Speed 2.0GHz (Built-in)
ROM / Firmware Type Open Firmware
EFI Architecture 1MB
L1 Cache 32k/64k
L2 / L3 Cache 512k (on chip)
Video Card None
VRAM Type None
Standard VRAM None
Maximum VRAM None
Native Resolution N/A
Multi Display Support None
Multi Display Max Resolution N/A
Standard Storage Drive 80GB (7200 RPM)
Maximum Storage Drive 4TB* X3
Storage Drive Interface Serial ATA (SATA)
Optical Disk 24X CD-ROM
Floppy / Zip Drive None
AirPort None
Bluetooth None
Video / Multi-IO None
Thunderbolt Ports / Spec None
USB Ports / Spec 2 (2.0)
Firewire Ports / Spec 1 (400), 2 (800)
Ethernet (RJ-45) Gigabit (x2)
Modem (RJ-11) None
Headphone None
Microphone None
Audio In None
Audio Out None
Keyboard None
Mouse / Trackpad None
Expansion Slots 2 PCI-X
Expansion Bays 3 3.5
S-Video Input None
S-Video Output None
Floppy None
ADB None
Serial 1 (DB-9)
Geoport None
Pre-Installed MacOS X Server 10.3
Maximum MacOS X Server 10.5.8
MacOS 9 Support None
Windows Support N/A
Minimum Windows None
Maximum Windows None
Battery Type N/A
Battery Life N/A
Power Adapter N/A
Case Type Rack-Mountable
Dimensions 1.73 x 17.6 x 28.0
Weight 33.0 lbs. (15.1 kg)
Original Price USD US$3999
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